Godaddy hosting not receiving e-mails & SPAM

I have hosted most of my websites with Godaddy and I have to give them credit for the fact that their services are good. I like the prices and I like the options they offer and how their platform integrates everything relatively seamlessly.

Lately however, all new hosting packages seem to have their setting at best random and their pre-set parameters seem to vary from month to month.

In particular some of the hosting I purchased and setup for other website, had an issue with the e-mail, in the sense that I could send e-mail using Godaddy’s e-mail online platform but it will end up in SPAM folder and I could not receive any e-mail that was sent to me …

After looking through so much outdated stuff and help forums I gave up and called them, asking for tech support.


The solution is two fold.

  • First make sure you go into the CPanel section under Email Routing and set Local Mail Exchange as default. This will solve the receiving e-mail problem.

  • Then you have to make sure your SPF records are set correctly to:
v=spf1 –all


v=spf1 a mx ptr ~all

You try first one and if not the second one will work or Gmail and some other email providers will mark your message as spam.

You just need to create a TXT record and add the details in.