The Naughty List browser extension

How many times you visited a website and suddenly you are prompted with a ton… and I mean, an avalanche of new tabs and new windows with all kinds of weird websites….?!

Well… today this all stops! Introducing The Naughty List browser extension.

I got so annoyed about this so here is a simple straight browser extension.

The extension provides additional assistance in managing browsing websites, that have a lot of pop-up adds. Specifically, the extension helps you with closing intrusive, non-requested, new tabs or new browser windows, that are opened automatically (without your consent). In other words, this is like automatic Ctrl+W (in Chrome).

The extension takes effect only on listed domain names, where all other websites are unaffected.

There are two main features:

  1. You can add domains to the naughty list yourself directly into the extension
  2. And you can import a list of curated domain names that are doing funny business in your browser or that are considered inappropriate in a way or another.

Visit to see the list of curated domain names. Here you will see an option to contribute to the list directly by adding domains names that you think should be on the…. Naughty List.

If you find the extension useful please don’t forget to vote for it. Thanks!

You can download and use for free this extension from here:


Thanks to Mohsin for doing all the work, I simply came up with the idea.

Let me know if you used it and if you found it helpful. Also if you use Edge or Firefox and you want to use this extension with those browsers let me know and I can publish it there also.

If you are looking for quality browser extensions, just drop me a line.