eBay RED Border browser extension

As I sell a lot of stuff on eBay… I needed to create an extension to notify me when eBay decides to change the domain from my main eBay domain (.com) to any other eBay domain of another country (e.g. .com.au).

It is so annoying when eBay bounces your around… IF you are a seller, you know what I am talking about.

The extension adds a red border inside your browser on all eBay domain names that don’t match with the preset eBay domain name.

For example: If your main eBay website is www.ebay.com, but for some reason eBay is redirecting you to other eBay domain names (for example: www.ebay.ca) then a red border will appear in your browser thus notifying of this action.

Simply click on the extension icon in your browser and set your main eBay domain name and hit save. By default the eBay domain name is set to .com.

You can download this extension for free from here:

Thanks to Mohsin for doing all the work, I simply came up with the idea.

Let me know if you used it and if you found it helpful. Also if you use Edge or Firefox and you want to use this extension with those browsers let me know and I can publish it there also.

If you are looking for quality browser extensions, just drop me a line.